High End Munich 2024


We are excited to be back for the HighEnd in munich and welcome everyone who wants to experience the Cessaro sound in person!

This year we will be in a new room F-001

HighEnd 2024
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Capital Audiofest

Nov 10, 10:00 AM EST – Nov 12, 4:00 PM EST

Hilton Rockville, 1750 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852, USA


Highwatersound - Room 323

Gestalt fine Audio - Room 325

Highwatersound Wagner II
Gestalt fine audio

Rhapsody audio show

10. + 11. november 2023

Maasdijk 4, 5357 NB Overlangel, Netherlands


Featuring the CESSARO OPUS I, OPUS Sub MKII and the ALPHA III

Opus I
Alpha III

Audio Exotics Singapore

Grand Opening

Grand Opening
Audio Exotics Singapore

Cessaro Gaia


The new Gaia speaker

Gaia Left
Gaia Front
Gaia Front
Gaia closeup
Gaia closeup
Gaia closeup

Cessaro Opus-I


A new start for a wider range of music lovers to move into the Cessaro world.

Opus-I Left
Opus-I Front
Opus-I Right
Opus-I Side Left
Opus-I Back
Opus-I Side Right
Opus-I Detail Foot 2
Opus-I Detail
Opus-I Foot Detail

Cessaro Alpha III Series


Our Modular line Speaker System Alpha has been in production for more than 10 years.
It was time to update the Line into the III-Series to reach a new level of listening experience.

Alpha III Front
Alpha III Detail Back
Alpha III Back
Alpha III Detail Side
Alpha III Detail Back Plugs
Alpha III Detail Shot

Because of the radical improvement we took changing the name in
consideration but in the end we didn't.
Why? Well, the classic look still resembles „Alpha“ and we kept the possibility
to upgrade the speaker system into our Beta III and Gamma III.

Lets take a look at the technical improvements.


A fundamentel difference is that the Alpha III has climbed from the former 3-Way system into a 4-Way system.


The 16" TAD-Bass has now got an A/B-Class Amp like Beta and Gamma Models (optional D-Class Amp with DSP) and it can go down to around 25Hz which is much lower than ever before.


Efficiency has been moved up of around +3dB


From now on our Alpha III is extremly easy to drive from any kind of amp. Even 6W SE-Tube Amps are running fine, thanks to the partly active section for the range of 25-80Hz.


New drive units (self made in house production) for Low-Mid 11", Mid Beryllium compression driver and Super tweeter with brass front horn.


Even after 10 years the first Alpha can be upgraded to our newest III-Series Model from 2020. We are proud to say that it has always been our goal to keep flexibility. Our clients got the opportunity to change from day one of Alpha I into the latest upgrade of Alpha III

Omega II

Omega 2 size demonstration
Omega 2 Back
Omega 2 Front
Omega 2 Detail 1
Omega 2 Detail 2
Omega 2 Detail 3
Omega 2 Detail 4



Preamplifier with remote
3-way floorstanding speaker
Active DSP-Crossover
5 Poweramplifier for each channel
All power and interconnect cables included


Cessaro C1 front view


Quand Le Meuble Devient Sculpture


Cessaro presents a one of a kind product from the unique program

Art Deco Left
Art Deco Front
Art Deco Right
Art Deco Side Left
Art Deco Back
Art Deco Side Right
Art Deco Side Front Detail
Art Deco Back Detail
Art Deco Top Detail
Cessaro C

Cessaro Horn Acoustics

From idealists for idealists: We create bespoke horn speaker masterpieces. With exclusive technique and exceptional workmanship we evolve the established horn speaker concept to an incredible new level. Let yourself be convinced by the extraordinary and unique attributes of our product lines and the specifics of our manufacturing process. 

Cessaro: Listen and you will hear!




To implement the frequently lauded intransigence and to build high-end audio products without tonal limitations: This was the demand and the aim with which Cessaro Horn Acoustics started in 2006 to revolutionize the high-end sector. This is the demand everything else is subordinated. We take high-end to the extremes! Not for the end in itself. But because of the conviction, that it takes special measures and materials to provide the best possible musical experience for the audiophile enthusiast in the privacy of one's home. Following this guideline Cessaro has acquired a special role in the audiophile world.

Closeup 1
Closeup 2
Closeup 3
Closeup 4

With Cessaro high-end is not just a buzzword. To us high-end means absolute unwillingness to compromise when choosing our components, the dimensions of our products and our expenses in craftsmanship. We design and build for only one purpose – to reproduce a musical live experience the best way possible. In this process we use excellent components and materials, that are not used by any of our competitors because of their pricing structure. This separates Cessaro Horn Acoustics from competitors who also promote their intransigence in building their products.

An outstanding  highlight of our expenses in craftsmanship are our newly developed composite horns. Cessaro composite horns are handmade and based on an extremely expensive two-shell-construction with a special polymer rubber filling. The drivers are adapted by an CNC-milled, two-parted 25mm aluminum flange. This extreme expense in production rewards the listener with increased resonance freedom compared to previous and competitor's constructions.

Take a closer look at our unique features like the polymer filled two shell composite horns and our preferentially used TAD (Technical Audio Devices Laboratories Inc.)



Have a say! Besides all of our options for individualization, Cessaro additionally offers the possibility to realize technical and optical adjustments according to your personal preferences and wishes. Integration of components in given building structures, technical adjustments or further optical individualization: The limit for customization is only reached, if the reproduction of music is endangered. We don't realize everything that's technical and financial possible. We only realize what makes sense technically: Because a Cessaro system has to fulfill our highest acoustic demands also in a customized version.

Omega custom system
more than 5 tons
Qianlong custom system
for Hong Kong

Custom drivers on request

Customdriver 1

42kg GIP field coil unit
custom made on request

Customdriver 3

18" Bass GIP field coil
custom made on request

Customdriver 2

Tweeter GIP field coil
custom made on request

Customdriver 4

Fullrange GIP field coil
custom made on request


Our horn speakers stand out because of the usage of expensive and partially rare materials. Together with the extreme expenditure of time in craftsmanship we create absolute exquisite products, which are without peer in the high-end market. 

But Cessaro horn speakers are not just outstanding in acoustics. On the optical side we can offer a huge selection of noble and customizable veneers and colors to the audiophile enthusiasts.  





Our systems from Alpha II to Gamma II


Another special feature of Cessaro Horn Acoustics is the modular line. Because of the modularity of this product lineup a Cessaro product is a lifetime investment. "Smaller" models can be upgraded to a superior model just by exchanging components. So there's no financial loss in case of an upgrade.



With the Cessaro "MODULAR-LINE" you can upgrade your purchased horn loudspeaker system any time.

Ultimate Solution


The ultimate reference in sound



Audio Electronics



When developing our amps the focus was the realization of a perfect electronic match for our Cessaro Horn Accoustics high efficiency horn systems without any compromises. Our combination of preamp and power amplifier will also push other speaker systems to peek performance.

Advanced audio system

as a total solution
Omega Komplett

Experience Cessaro Horn Speakers!

We present our horn speakers at various events all around the globe. Experience the sound of Cessaro at a location nearby!



After purchasing a Cessaro horn system from one of our distribution partners you can lean back, relax and look forward to your new state of the art speakers. In case of our bigger systems, Cessaro will be personally available to deliver, install and adjust your new gem, until the optimal sound in your home is achieved. 

Service 5
Service 7
Service 8


Cessaro Worldwide